Masaai Community is unique Culture
Maasai have a rich and fascinating culture
Maasai believe to be custodians of all the world’s cattle.
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Students received new uniforms from donations

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Let’s help Maasai People for Education, Clean water, healthy and for better life.

Water for Life

Water for Life
Ongoing Campaign

NASHIPAI MFEREJI School is the first primary school in the rural community of Mfereji ward-Monduli, Tanzania. Every year more than 40 students apply for the places in this school. The aim of the school is to provide the local children with an affordable and accessible education.

Clean Water

Safe drinking water availability. We have installed a water tank for water storage during rain season to make assurance of clean water for our students and the community.We are currently working towards drilling a clean water.


Health outreach helps to boost wellness and prevent disease within the community. Teaching the basic health issues as nearby hospital is up to 28km away helps in preventing diseases. We operate a home based pharmacy that provides basic medication and for emergency issues.

Year 2021

54 Students received school uniforms from your donations

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.